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Trinoks Software offers your organization a great potential thanks to its experience since 2002 and qualified engineering staff. Trinoks Software employs a team of experts in the field of mobile application development, which can use Android Studio, Xamarin platforms, or Kalypso, which is specialized to develop code for mobile devices. The technologies to be used may vary completely according to the needs of the project. Especially the manufacturers of industrial mobile devices are introducing the new models completely with the android operating system. Trinoks adapts to ever-changing technology and latest developments on the field. Therefore, we constantly update our technological infrastructure as well as our tools. The mobile applications developed by Trinoks already in used for different purposes in many areas of manufacturing organizations, warehouses, stores and offices.



Warehouse management, production management, inventory management, dashbord, data display, labeling...  


Dashboard, task tracking, labeling, reporting, routing, information display...


Warehouse management, production management, inventory management, dashbord, data display, labeling...



Mobile comfort
Wireless, ease of operation wherever and whenever

The mobile applications developed by Trinoks Software are used in many areas to eliminate the problems experienced in the workflows and to perform the operations more quickly and in a controlled manner. Mobile applications, which seem to have a lot of benefits especially in outdoor operations, not only simplifying the lives of the users, but also allow the whole process to be monitored instantly.

It is completely effortless and fast to carry out operations with mobile devices instead of PC based operations especially for the cargo transportation, door-to-door delivery or office points operations.

In addition to all these, the data generated as a result of all transactions in the field or within the enterprise can be presented to management level on mobile devices with summary screens.

Trinoks Software is the only company that can offer you specialized mobile application development service by examining all the needs and offering its service by combining them with the best equipment available also providing a continuous support through maintenance agreements.

Trinoks Software, is the ISV (independent software vendor) for largest hardware manufacturers in the industry, Zebra ( and Honeywell (


Do not restrict your business
Tell us about your needs to mobilize your organization

Mobile application development has a great place in Vecsoft Software's overall experience and projects since 2002. All of the projects delivered have definitely a mobile side and these mobile applications were tailored to the needs of many sectors. The technologies employed depend especially on the needs of the project, the features of the utilized equipment, of the fastest development through experience. Hundreds of applications have been developed and offered to users ranging from a very simple application that allows data to be displayed in a database to a dashboard for execution of a very complex process at a production station.

Today mobile applications are inevitable in terms oftechnology and competition, especially for organizations doing busineess in the field. It is possible to render all processes faster and more controlled for operations such as providing cargo services, operating in the retail sector, dealer network, providing on-site installations and technical services and very complex processes in the production area. All applications are aimed at improving the processes of companies, increasing the ability to make instant decisions, lightening the workload of employees and thus increasing their performance.

Vecsoft Software continually identifies and develops the technologies in line with the trends in the mobile software development world, the sectoral needs and the development of the hardware. Thus constantly changing perspective on expertise and the development tools. For this reason, Vecsoft discusses the needed development platforms with the companies, convey its ideas during project analysis and try to implement the project in the fastest way by using the right technology.



ERP Systems

Master data, product identification, orders, stock information, quality information...

TMS Distribution Systems

Shipment operations, delivery note,consignment note, customer and inventory details...

Field Sales Systems

Current stock information, order details, customer and delivery details...

Ready for integration  
Integration flexibility with various 3rd party software and automation systems

Developed mobile applications can have their own databases or integrate with all existing ERP system software. At present, there already are mobile application projects that are integrated with ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Logo, Netsis, IFS, Mikro. These applications can be easily integrated with in-house software developed by the companies themselves.

Some of our reference projects regarding this solution may be found below. Please visit "Projects" page to see all references and projects.

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Arkas Holding A.Ş.

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Eczacıbaşı - Vitra

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Me-Par Nakliyat

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